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Art Show - 2022
Love and Harmony

Please submit your artwork before Aug. 10, 2022

Rules and Guidelines

  • Size:

    • Landscape or Portrait

    • 8 inches x 11 inches

  • Requirements:​

    • All art must be original, hand-drawn, sketched, or painted on paper.  If artwork is copied from previous submissions or from other art contests, the entry will be disqualified.

    • Computer-generated artwork will not be accepted.

    • Artwork must follow the theme of “Love and Harmony”

    • Artwork created by any person other than the artist will be disqualified.

Age Categories – Limited to 2 Entries Per Person

  • Category A: Age <10

  • Category B: Age 10-14

  • Category C: Age 15-18

  • Category D: Age 18+

Submit Art Work

  • Please submit your art work     

  •  Prize for Each Category

      Gold: Prize Winner / $500 x1

       Silver: Prize Winner / $200 x2

        Bronze Prize Winner / $100 x

      Viewers' Choice / $100 x1

  • Finalists will be announced on 8/20/2022 and receive prizes and awards.
  • Selected artworks will be displayed in public libraries, galleries, or museums.

  • All participants will be invited to an in-person celebration.

Material Request Form

  • Art work materials can be provided if needed ( Limited to First 25 Requests )

  • Please request your materials  

Please create your artwork with the theme of  “Love and Harmony”. 

What does "Love and harmony" mean to you and to the community? 


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