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Crystal Salt
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Rules and Guidelines

  • Size:

    • Landscape or Portrait

    • 8 inches x 11 inches

  • Requirements:​

    • All art must be original, hand-drawn, sketched, or painted on paper.  If artwork is copied from previous submissions or from other art contests, the entry will be disqualified.

    • Computer-generated artwork will not be accepted.

    • Artwork must follow the theme of “Love and Harmony”

    • Artwork created by any person other than the artist will be disqualified.

Age Categories – Limited to 2 Entries Per Person

  • Category A: Age <10

  • Category B: Age 10-14

  • Category C: Age 15-18

  • Category D: Age 18+

Submit Art Work

Ceremony and Display
  • Finalists will be announced on 9/16/2023, and certificates will be distributed.
  • Selected artworks will be displayed in public libraries, galleries, or museums.

  • All participants will be invited to an in-person celebration.

Art Show - 2023
Health and Peace

Please submit your artwork before Aug. 28, 2023

Please create your artwork with the theme of  “Health and Peace”. 

What does "Health and Peace" mean to you and to the community? 


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